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MyOfficeSuite Portal User Guide

MyOfficeSuite Portal User Guide-

  1. After the account for your Department has been created you will receive a welcome email. In this email you will get your department's username and a link you should click on the Activate your Account.
  2. Once you click on this link you will be prompted to set a password. This password will be a department password and should be something that everyone in the department with fax access should be aware of. The EFAX account is a department account so everyone who signs in will sign in with the same username and password.
  3. You will also receive an email that a Fax number has been set up for you. This will contain your new digital fax number and a link that will take you to a Quick Start Guide but rest assure a representative of the Technology Department will be available to help you with any questions and problems that may arise.
  4. Once your fax number is assigned you are all set. Whenever a fax is sent to your department you will receive notification in your email that you have received a fax. If there is an attachment, it will be included on the email. You can also view all received faxes from the portal. Log in to the portal and on the homepage under the fax widget click on the option to check faxes this will give you all of the faxes you have received over the past 90 days. Each received fax gives you the option to Download, Forward, and delete. It is recommended to download the fax so that you have a hard copy as needed.
  5. To send a fax you will need to have the document you are trying to fax downloaded to your computer. You can do this by scanning the document to your desktop if it is a paper copy or downloading the document to your computer if it is digital. You will then log in to the portal. When you log in to the portal your homepage will have widget containing the fax number assigned to your department the number of new fax messages you have received and the option to either check faxes or send a fax. Click Send a fax. From this page you will fill out the necessary boxes. The "Send Fax To" box should have the number or numbers you are sending the fax to. The "Recipient Name" should be the person you are calling attention to on the fax. And the "Send Fax From" will be set to the fax number that is assigned to your department.  You will then add any files you are faxing by clicking the add files option, and browsing your computer for the file you are faxing and click Finish. Then click Send Fax. It will take a few moments for the request to process after the Fax is sent. To see if your fax was successfully delivered click on the Sent Tab on this page here you will find all of the faxes you have sent over the last 90 days and the status of that fax. It will either say Success, Processing, or Failed.
  6. In the event that you are having issues sending and/or receiving faxes or a problem with your account for example username or password issues, please open a ticket in happy fax. A member of the Technology Department will look into your issue and help solving your problem in a timely manner. We have administrative access into the EFAX system and can troubleshoot remotely if necessary.
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  • 19-Mar-2018