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SharePoint from

SharePoint from

Directions for accessing your Department Drive via Microsoft Office SharePoint
⦁    From your browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) go to
⦁    Once at click on Sign in

⦁    Use your district email to log in for example ⦁

⦁    Enter your district password that you would use to login to your computer when you are at school.

⦁    If asked what kind of account choose work or school account

⦁    If asked whether to stay logged in check the don't show again box and select YES

⦁    From the main page click on SharePoint
⦁    Click on the Group that is named your for the department share you are trying to reach

  • If your desired group does not show up you will have to go into the outlook application on scroll to the bottom where it says groups and click on it then click on the "email" in that folder then click add to the team site. This will open up the site on share point and then make it a Recent folder so it will be there next time.
  • You will then click on the folder to right to access all of the shared documents

⦁    This folder will house the contents of what was previously your Department Shared Drive. Anything changes you make on documents in the drive will be saved within the SharePoint Drive which will be accessible anywhere you have access to the internet. If you need to make edits Please remember to make copies of document by right clicking the document you need to edit from the list and choosing download. This will download a copy of the document to the device you are using and allow you to enable editing. 

Once you have downloaded the copy click the download to open it up and enable editing. You can then save the document. And drag it to your OneDrive so that it is accessible everywhere. 

  • If you have a new document that you would like to add to the shared folder click on the Documents button all the way to the left of the page or the see all button next to the folder you had previously clicked on

You will then click the upload button and browse for the document you are looking to upload

While logged into you will also have access to the complete Microsoft Office Suite (word, excel, powerpoint etc.). Any documents you create using will automatically save over to your one drive and can be shared with fellow staff members. 

⦁    If you have any issues please reach out to your building technology coordinator by creating a ticket through 

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  • 16-Oct-2020