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Interacting with Microsoft Office - OneDrive

Interacting with Microsoft Office - the New Way

As many have become aware, the newer desktops that have been installed recently no longer have the "Desktop Version" of Microsoft Office.  Moving forward the district has chosen to instead use the "Cloud-based Version" typically called Office365.  All of the basic applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) are still available to you but everything is done through the web browser rather than an application installed on your desktop.  Because of this change, you will have to re-train your brain the way that you interact with these applications as you can no longer just "double-click" on a Word document and it will magically open. 


One of the major things that this transition has achieved is the elimination of the antiquated H-Drive system.  Many of you remember those years past when the H-Drive system would fill up and you could not save anything to it or it would crash and your files would be unavailable.  The OneDrive is basically just like the H-Drive except that instead of being on a computer server housed in our data center it is housed on a server maintained by Microsoft.  Having your files stored on the OneDrive means that you can access them from anywhere (even at home), unlike the H-Drive system where you HAD to be in school to get to it.  There is a simple procedure to create a linked folder from your Desktop to your OneDrive to easily copy to and from them.  Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account on using your email address as the username and the password you use to access your email as the password
  2. Once logged in you will see a series of icon to the left each is a symbol for one of the Microsoft Applications you are very familiar with.

    Click on the icon that looks like a little blue cloud (this is the symbol for OneDrive)
  3. Clicking on this OneDrive icon will take you to your personal OneDrive.
    NOTE: The computer services department worked very hard to transfer ALL documents from the old H-Drive system to each staff member's OneDrive so everything you see should be exactly what was on your H-Drive 
  4. Across the top of the window, you should see a series of icons like the ones below
    Click on the Sync icon (you will only need to do this once to set up the syncing for this computer and then from this point on syncing will happen automatically)
  5. A window will appear that looks like the one below

    and you will be asked to give permission to open OneDrive which you will allow
  6. When prompted enter your email address and password that you used to login to
  7. Once this process has been completed you will have a folder on your computer that is directly linked to your OneDrive

    Anything you save (or copy) to this folder will automatically be available on your OneDrive
  8. From this point, you MUST:
    • Log into
    • Click on the OneDrive icon
    • Scroll through your OneDrive and locate the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file you want to open.
    • Click on the file you want to open and the appropriate application will launch
      NOTE: If you just double-click on the file in your OneDrive folder on your desktop it will not know how to open it since Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint are not installed on the computer.
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  • 14-Oct-2020