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Resetting password for password login help

  • If you are having trouble signing in to your we.windstream account, due to issues with your password, please use the following directions:

1.) Go to and click on "having trouble signing in". 

2.) Input your district email as your username and click send request. This will send you a link from Windstream in your email to click on.

3.) If you have not already locked yourself out, clicking the emailed link will take you to a screen to input a complex password (Uppercase, lowercase, number). If you are locked out the link will take them back to the log in screen and you will have to click the "having trouble signing" in link again and input your district email and click the send request button again. 

- If the problem persists, please submit a ticket for additional assistance. 


Mr. Perry

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  • 19-Oct-2020