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Phone system FAQ

Q: Who do we contact if we have problems?

A: If your problem with the phones puts a student in harm or leaves you unable to perform your job contact Michael Procopio at x1337 or

If the problem isn't an emergency please submit a ticket at

Q: Can I transfer a caller directly into someones voicemail?

A: Yes, with the caller on the line press the transfer button at the top left of the LCD screen, once you press transfer the screen will change and a voicemail option will be listed in its place.  After pressing voicemail you're prompted to enter the for the desired staff member or if you have a speed dial fro them you can press that button.  Once you hit the extension or speed dial button the transfer is complete and you can hang up. 

Q: Why do I have 2 phones on my desk?

A: We will be leaving both phones on desks for the first few days of the new system being active.  Technology Services staff members will be around to remove your old phone and help you rearrange your desk to place the new phone in the best location for you.

Q: I had all the old extensions memorized, why did we change?

A: The scope of the phone project had numerous objectives to accomplish, many of which centered around the usability of the system from the perspective of our community members calling into the District.  As difficult as it will be for us to become accustomed to the new extensions all involved believe we've created a more functional system.

Q: Why can't my phone be answered by others in my department, why can't I answer their phone?

A: Much of the base functionality of the phones is complete but Technology Services will be coming around to each work are in the first few days to understand and configure the customizations each of you will need.  When we're done you'll have all the convenience features you need.

Q: Can an outside caller contact a classroom directly?

A: No, all calls to a classroom must first go to the main office where they can be transferred to the classroom. 

Q: Will classroom teachers have their own voice mail?

A: We can provide this and will take direction from building principals on this item.

Q: Can voice mail be sent to my email?

A: Yes, email plus a text transcription if you choose.  There are numerous ways to receive and retrieve voice mail, more information will be provided to help you set up your options.

 Q: I still have voice mail on the old phone system, will it be transferred over to the new system? 

A: No, the two systems are not linked.  Old phones will remain on desks for about a week from 8/6/18.  Please review all saved voice mails as you will not have continued access.

Q: Are we going to receive training on the new phones?

A: No, it was determined that formal training was not necessary.  Wiki articles and YouTube videos will be prepared and shared as we release and push for the adoption and use of some of that advanced communications functions of the system. 

 Q: My name on my phone display is spelled wrong, how do I get it fixed?  Or the phone on my desk doesn't have my name on it or the name displayed isn't relevant with where it is.

A: Open a ticket with Technology Services at and we'll correct it.

Q: There's no new phone in my office or work area but there is an old one, will a new one be installed?

A: We believe we've placed phones in all locations where they are needed.  Currently over 800 phones are in place, it's possible we missed and area so please let us know my opening a ticket at

Q: The ringer on my phone is too low, how do I raise it?

A: In order to raise the ringer volume on the phone it must be ringing.  While it's raining press the up arrow at the top right hand corner of the phone a maximum of 4 times.  4 presses will take the ringer volume to the max level where it will be saved even if the phone resets.

Q: How do I listen to my voicemail?

A: Being written - check back 9/13/18

Q: How do I use the directory built into the phones to find an extension

A: Being written - check back 9/13/18

Q: Can I program speed dials for commonly used numbers?

A: Being written - check back 9/13/18

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