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Setting Up Meeting Links for Parent Conferences

Setting Up Meeting Links for Parent Conferences

  1. Teachers will use Meet links from two of their Google Classrooms. The link MUST have the word “lookup” in the URL (see image below).

Do NOT create/schedule any links through or Google Calendar.

This is a different process than the Back-to-School Night process.

  1. Based on the appointments made by parents in Genesis, teachers will email the Google Classroom Meet link in an A/B alternating pattern, i.e.:

    1. 1:00pm conference receives email with link

    2. 1:30pm conference receives email with link

It is recommended that teachers turn OFF Quick Access in the Host Controls upon entering the meeting. This can be found through the blue shield icon. This will prevent parents from inadvertently entering an in-session conference. DO NOT deny entry to the parent waiting in the second Meet. Admit when ready to begin the conference. 

It is also recommended that parents login using a school-issued device and a student’s login information.

Sample parent/guardian email:

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Below is the link for our conference on Monday, November 23rd at 1:00 pm.  Please join the Google Meet, preferably using your student’s device and login information, a few minutes before the start of the conference. You will be "waiting" in the waiting room until I complete the prior conference. Conferences will end on time so all parents can get an equal opportunity. Thank you for your understanding! 

Looking forward to meeting with you! 😀

Time: Nov 23, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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