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How to calibrate color display and adjust external display on Windows 10

1. Right-click on the desktop and select Display settings

display settings

2. Click "Advanced display settings" at the bottom of the settings window.

display settings advanced

3. Verify that your monitor is set to the recommended, native resolution. If it's not, set it to the recommended resolution at least for this calibration process.

display settings resolution

- You can also adjust the external display (screen extension) in this window. Select the screen and adjust it for your personal use. Please refer to this video from Christy Brock for more information (Click HERE)

4. Click "Color calibration" at the bottom of the advanced display settings window.

display settings color calibration

5. Click Next to start the color calibration.


The wizard will walk you through adjusting your color settings. You'll:

  • Set the display to the factory default color settings, if your monitor allows you to do that
  • Adjust your display's gamma to match a sample image
calibration gamma
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast
calibration brightness
  • Adjust the color balance6. At the end of the wizard, click Finish to save your settings.
calibration finish

You'll then be able to calibrate ClearType for sharper text.

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  • 24-Feb-2021