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Making a conference call using your classroom phone

1. Pick up receiver and dial the number of the first participant.

2. After they answer tell them you will be placing them on a brief hold while you complete the conference call and click the button next to where it says conference on the display of your phone.

3. This will place the first call on hold. You can than dial the second participant of the conference. Once they answer you will click the button next to conference on the display of your phone again. This will merge the separate calls into         1 conference call. 

Please note you must have the correct number of open lines showing on the display of your phone to complete this task. If you have an issue with the calls dropping while you are trying to merge or not being able to complete the second call this could be the issue. If you have this issue please put a ticket in with your building tech and they will be able to assist you in configuring your phone with multiple open lines. 

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  • 03-Mar-2021