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Setting up a MAP test session

To setup a new MAP test session, open NWEA and login. Click on Manage Tests on left and then Find Students to Test.

Click the dropdowns and select school, grade, teacher. If you want to test the whole class, click Search. If you need to test a specific student in a class, type the student's last name and click Search.

If a specific student's name is not typed and you click Search, every child will be selected.

Click Add Students. On the next screen, click the top box that says Last Name to select all students. Click Assign Test.

Select the appropriate test from the drop down, and click Assign.

Once assigned, click Save Session.

Name the session, and click Save and Exit. 

Makeup sessions can be created the same way; however, instead of adding a whole class, you will type each student's last name and add individually. You can have one session with multiple grade level students taking various tests.

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  • 14-Mar-2019