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Closing and Opening the Grading Window

Closing and Opening the Grading Window

Closing the Window

1. Log into Genesis SIS and navigate to the “Grading” module:

2. In the “Grading” module, click on the subdirectory “Grading Process”:

3. By default, the next screen should show that the current marking/interim grade collection is OPEN. 

To close it, click on the “Close Grading” button:

4. The screen should refresh and a message stating the grading window is Closed will appear:

Opening the Window

1. To open a grading window for a specific MP/IR, selected the appropriate MP/IR from the drop down. 

After you select the MP/IR, the corresponding “Select collections to ask for” boxes should be checked automatically. 

Please note, only one MP/IR should be opened at a time. Click on the “Open Grading” button:

2. The screen should now show the selected MP/IR is now open for collection:

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  • 16-May-2019