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Transfer Files from Pemberton Google Drive to a Personal Google Drive
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If you are a staff member leaving the district or graduating senior you may have files stored on your Google Drive that you may want to have access to once you are gone.  Unfortunately, once your records have been set to "INACTIVE" your Google Drive account will be put into a suspended state.  This means you will no longer have access to your PEMB.ORG Google Drive and therefore no access to those files either.  If you wish to transfer these files to a personal Google Drive account follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to and login to your Pemberton Google Drive account
  2. Click on the "New" Icon on the left side of the screen
  3. Choose "Folder" from the menu that appears
  4. When prompted give the new folder a name.  (i.e. Files to Transfer)
  5. Drag any files you would like to transfer to your personal Google Drive Account to this new folder
  6. Once you have moved all the files to the folder right click on the folder and choose "Share" from the menu that appears
  7. In the window that appears type in the email address used for your personal Google Account and click "Done".

    The contents of this folder are now available to you in your personal Google Drive account. 
  8. When you are at home on your home computer login to your personal Google Drive Account and choose "Shared with me" on the left side
  9. Find the folder you shared and double click on it so that you see the files within it.
  10. Click on the first file in the list, hold down the SHIFT key and click on the last file in the list so that ALL of the files are highlighted
  11. Right-click and choose "Move to"
  12. In the new dialog box that appears click on the arrow to the left of the folder you are currently in
  13. This will take you to the "Top Level" of your Google Drive.  Here you can either click on the "MOVE HERE" button to move the files to the "Top Level" OR you can click on the icon on the bottom left and create a "New Folder".

    If you create a new folder make sure you click on the new folder name you created before you click on the "MOVE HERE" button.

Now that this process is completed these files are now in your personal Google Drive and you can manipulate them as you see fit.

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