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Share Your Screen Using Google Cast for Education
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Share Your Screen with Others
Using Google Cast for Education


There may come a time in your class that you wish to "share" your screen with your students or you may want to allow students in your class to "cast" a presentation to your computer without having to "logout".  This is easily accomplished by using the "Google Cast for Education" extension within your Google Chrome Browser.  To do this follow these steps.


  1. Click on the "Google Cast for Education" icon in your Chrome Web Browser
  2. When you click on that icon a new screen will appear like the one below to configure your "Cast".
  3. Once you "Save" your configuration the next screen that appears gives you the option to allow individuals, groups or classes access to the "Cast".  If you use this in conjunction with Google Classroom you can allow an entire class all at once without having to type in individual email addresses.  Additionally if a class roster changes in Google Classroom then the access will be updated if someone is added or someone leaves the class.
  4. Once you put in an email, group or class name you can then give the options for:
    • Can present—Students can cast to your screen anytime you have the extension open.
    • Can request—Students can request to cast. You need to approve or deny each request.

    Once you have added everyone you want and given them the permissions click on the "Close" button.
  5. After the configuration is completed the screen will look like the following image
  6. When a student or member of the class want to access the cast they will click on the cast icon that looks like the one below
  7. When you click on the icon you should see available Casts like below
  8. If they do not see available Casts right click on the icon and select "Enable Cloud Services" as shown below. 
    NOTE: on a Chromebook to get the "Context Menu" to "Enable Cloud Services" you have to click on the "mousepad" using two fingers.

    Once this is done students should see available Casts in the menu.
  9. If at anytime you want to stop allowing the casting of your screen click on the Google Cast for Education icon again

    in the srceen like the one below click on the "Settings" button on the top right

    In the settings area click on "Unregister" at the bottom right

    From this point forward your screen is not available to be cast.
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