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How to Set Up Call Forwarding in MyOfficeSuite
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This article explains how to set up call forwarding for your telephone extension.



  • A telephone extension assigned to you by PTSD
  • Access to the MyOfficeSuite Portal


Sign Into MyOfficeSuite


  1. Access "MyOfficeSuite" from "Staff Links" in your Google Chrome browser, or visit
  2. Enter your sign-in information, and click sign in. It will look like this: SIGN IN.


If you are unsure of your credentials:

  1. Enter your district email address for your username and leave the password blank. 
  2. Click RESET PASSWORD and check your district email for an email with a link to reset your password.


Select Your Call Forwarding Option

  1. Locate the "My Call Forwarding" widget and select your desired call forwarding option.
    • If you want to forward to another phone, such as a cell phone, choose "ANOTHER PHONE" and then enter your desired telephone number underneath.

  2. Click save.


To turn call forwarding OFF, repeat the steps above and select voicemail, and click save.


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