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HD meeting and Big Sur (11.1) work around
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The current HD meeting (ver. 4.5.8214.0623) and Big Sur (11.1) for Mac has an issue. There is a bug where the application opens but quickly closes itself.

A temporary solution is :


1.)  Go to and download the chrome browser extension from the download section. (Please keep in mind it does not have all the functions as the desktop client.) 



2.)  You can also access HD Meeting through a Finder window.


a.) Open a Finder window (after installation). 


b.) Go to applications folder and right click HD meeting and “show package contents”.


c.) Click "Contents" and then "Mac OS".





d.) You will see a file named "OfficeSuite HD Meeting" (unix executable). Open that file with Terminal and the application should open. Once open, just leave it up and minimize Terminal.









Windstream is working to resolve this issue, please provide your building tech with any additional information or problems you are having. Feel free to email [email protected] if you have any information he could use to help resolve this issue. 



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