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Accessing Standardized Testing Using Chromebooks
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Access Standardized Testing Apps on Chromebook

When students are testing either in MAP or the NJSLA apps it is not necessary for them to actually be logged into their assigned Chromebooks.  Below are the steps that need to be taken so that students can access the NWEA Testing App or the Pearson TestNav app so that they can take the appropriate test.

  1. When the student opens their Chromebook on the bottom left corner of the "log-in screen" is an icon that says "Apps".  Clicking on this icon will show a list of apps that do not require a log-in to run. (NOTE: click on the image below to see a larger view)
  2. To access MAP testing students should choose "NWEA Secure Testing" and to access NJSLA students should choose "TestNav"
  3. Most students do not Sign Out of their Chromebooks and instead just "close the lid".  When this is done the "log-in screen" will look like the one shown below when they open their assigned Chromebook.  (NOTE: click on the image below to see a larger view)
  4. Clicking the "Sign out" button on the bottom left will sign the student out and take them to the "log-in screen" shown back in Step #1 where they can then access the "Apps" list.


  • If a student is presented with an error on their screen in regard to compatibility the most likely cause is that their screen resolution is improperly set.  To correct this issue press and hold CTRL+SHIFT+0 and the screen resolution will be reset to the proper size.  
  • If a student is presented with choices for which test to access when launching the TestNav app make sure they are selecting "New Jersey".
  • Sound/Volume
    • If a student requires the use of headphones in order to hear audio portions of the tests the headphones MUST be plugged into the Chromebook BEFORE launching the testing app.  Once the testing app is launched the Chromebook is in "lockdown" mode and no changes can be made including changing the audio to use headphones rather than the internal speakers.
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