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SureBus Video Requests
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Beginning during the summer '22 the Technology department took a more active role in the bus video retrieval process.  Our goal was to fine tune the system so that we're able to consistently deliver the requested video footage timely.


Step 1. Visit the technology request system @ 

     - This can be done by the requesting administrator or their\department secretary.


Step 2. Open a new ticket following the pictured format.

     - CATEGORY will be the building of the requester not the student

     - Support request type is SureBus\Video request

     - Room # \ Location will be the bus number of the incident

     - Best time to work on should be set as Anytime 

     - Subject - bus request is sufficient

     - Message - the more detail the better - time of this incident - inside the bus or outside - if you can identify where in the bus such as rear or middle that can reduce the number of camera views that need to be retrieved

          -IMPORTANT detail - all requests are considered confidential and are shared with the requestor only unless the message details state to provide access to another administrator.  Should the video need to downloaded to made made available to other parties outside of Pemberton Schools the technology department must be involved in that process.  

     - Add CC - add [email protected] 

     - Priority - Please leave at 4

    - Due Date - please list the next school day or leave blank 


     ** If a video request needs immediate attention please make sure Michael Procopio is aware so that he make make resources available to prioritize**. 


Step 3. All correspondence related to the request will be done through the ticket system which generates emails to the requestor.

     - When the video has been retrieved the link to view the footage is provided in the ticket, the ticket system then updates the requestor via email.  This link will only function for the requestor or others as named in the ticket details.  

     - The platform used to store the retrieved videos is available from on campus or off, it has also been tested successfully on cell phones giving as many options to review as possible.  



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