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Changing the Keyboard Language on Chromebook
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Changing the Keyboard Language on a Chromebook


We have been getting MANY students and teachers telling us that what they type on the keyboard is not what they see on the screen.  This can cause issues with signing into the Chromebooks as well as everyday assignments.  If this issue occurs the cause is most likely that the Keyboard Language was changed to something other than "US English".  To check or fix this do the following:


  1. Look at the area on the bottom right corner where you see the "time"

    If this area shows something other than "US" (as shown above) then the keyboard language is incorrectly set.
  2. Click on the "time" on the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. In the "popup" window that appears click on "Keyboard"

    NOTE: If the "Keyboard" selection does not show when looking at the above popup click on the "Gear Icon" on the top right of the popup, type "Input methods" into the search bar and you will be taken to the settings for Keyboard languages.

  4. A list of languages will appear, choose "US English"

  5. Once the proper language is set a "blue check" will be shown.
  6. Click on the "time" again and this menu will go away.
  7. The Keyboard Language should now show in the bottom right corner as US

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