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Add Google Meet to Outlook 365

Many of us are using Outlook 365 & Google Meet for class instruction & staff meetings. If you want to add Google Meet to Outlook 365, this tutorial will help you add Google Meet to Outlook 365. 1. Go to [][1] & log in with your Pemberton Email Account 2. Click on the Outlook icon & open Outlook. …

Upgrading Google Classroom Meet Links: October 2021

**Upgrading Google Classroom Meet Links: October 2021** **Google recently updated Meet to permit ONLY teachers and co-teachers to be “hosts” of Meet links. This change requires teachers to update prior Meet links posted in Google Classroom. The following steps will guide teachers to update old links and allow for the…

How to fix a microphone issue windows 10

[Windows/fix-microphone-problem][1] [1]:

Google Hangouts Meet Training & Support

![][1] Video Meetings & Discussions by Kimberly Glassman & Larry Zuares Our dedicated Instructional Coaches of Pemberton have created this very informative and helpful tutorial on how to use Google Meet during this unique time of the 2019-2020 school year. Hopefully, this tutorial will help you in facilitating your…

Adding Google Meet Plugin to Outlook

Adding Google Meet to Outlook Calendar If you want to add Google Meet add In for Outlook, follow the steps below: 1. On the Office toolbar, in the Add-ins section, click Store. 2. Search for Hangouts Meet. 3. Follow the instructions to install the add-in. If you want to create an Outlook event with Google Me…

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