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How to Setup Apple Classroom

  1. Open the Classroom app on the teacher iPad.
  2. Select Create New Class.
  3. Name your class and attach a color.

After following those three steps you will have created your first class! The next step will be to add students to your class. These steps are completed with your students in your classroom and their iPads on the same wireless network as the teacher iPad.  Follow these steps to add students to your Apple Classroom:

  1. Inside of your class, select the first icon on the left side of the menu bar, the icon has an outline of a person with a plus button over it.
  2. Next, a window with a course code will display.  
  3. At this point the student iPads must be on the same wireless network as the teacher iPad and students must be on their iPads.  A great strategy for this step would be to have the students in the teacher’s class; the teacher can display the code through AirPlay or their projector and the students can join the class.
  4. As students enter the class code and join the class, the teacher will be prompted to approve each student.

For students to join the class, they will have a different workflow than the teacher. Students should follow these steps to join a class:

  1. Students should go to Settings.  
  2. After the teacher launches the Add Students, students will see a new option under the Bluetooth setting option.
  3. They should select Apple Classroom.
  4. In the Apple Classroom menu, they should select Add a Class.
  5. The student will then enter the course code and add the class.
  6. After the teacher accepts the student, they do not need to do anything else.  

Here is also a link to a youtube video that visually shows you how to setup Apple classroom.

Apple Classroom Setup

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