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Onelogin for Staff and Students

The Pemberton Onelogin Single Sign-on platform allows for easy and secure control of your username and password used to access many District resources.  

OneLogin is presently available for all staff members and students in grades 6 through 12

Once your account has been enrolled you'll be able to perform the following;

- Change your password so that it is unique to you

- Unlock your account should it have become locked

-reset your password should you have forgotten it or feel your account is being accessed by someone else

- Add authentication factors used regain access to your account 

          - the three available security factors are; personal security questions, your email, and an authenticator app such as one available from Microsoft or Google

To enroll your account in Pemberton Onelogin please follow the steps out lined.

The remaining steps are option and only need to be completed if you want additional options to unlock your account beyond your security questions

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  • 22-Feb-2021