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NJSLA Setup and Sign-in Using A Chromebook

Signing in to TestNav Using a Chromebook

  1. Power on Chromebook
    NOTE: Students should NOT log in to their school account
  2. In the lower-left of the screen click on Apps
  3. Select TestNav to launch TestNav application
  4. If presented with a screen like the one below students should choose "New Jersey" from the list.
  5. Once they have properly selected where they need to be the student will be taken to a sign-in screen where they will log in using their "Test Ticket".  The login screen should look like the one below.

    NOTE: If for some reason the student selected a different test by mistake instead of the "New Jersey" option they change the option by clicking on the drop-down menu at the upper-right of the screen and click "Choose a different customer" 
  6. From this point forward students should follow instructions given by the test proctor.
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  • 02-Jan-2020