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How to Change your Default Web Browser

How to Change your Default Web Browser

Many people have a personal preference for their web browser but Microsoft is determined to force people to use their browser, Microsoft Edge, as their primary application for internet surfing.  If you are like most people, you prefer to choose your own default browser rather than be forced to use what someone else determines for you.  There is a simple process to set your default browser to one of your choosing.  Unfortunately, this is not a "global" setting so the default browser has to be set on an individual basis.  Below are the steps you need to follow to set this default.

  1. Log in to your district account on a classroom, office, library, or faculty room computer using your normal login and password
  2. Click on the Windows icon located on the bottom left to pull up the menu
  3. Type Default Apps and click on it from the list that appears when you type

    NOTE: as you type the "Search Box" will appear and the list of "Best match" will automatically appear.
  4. You will be taken to a new window where you can set your defaults for certain things.  In the section for "Web browser" click on the icon there and you will be presented with a list like the one shown with all the available browsers installed on the computer you are using.

    NOTE: Most of you will probably choose Google Chrome since that browser is synced to your Google Account
  5. From this point forward when you click on links in emails, you will automatically use whatever browser you have set as the default in this settings window.
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  • 30-Oct-2020