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CSI Payroll Portal

In order to review pay stubs and retrieve your W2 you will need to visit Pemberton's CSI Payroll portal.  Your able to get to the portal in a number of ways.

1.  Open an internet browser on any internet connected device and visit

2. On any device where you have logged into Google Chrome with your district username and password.

  • Find the Staff Link menu on the bookmark bar and select "Payroll Portal"

3. Visit the District's webpage at

  • Find and click on the Staff section from top navigation menu
  • In the Staff section there are a series of links to commonly used District resources.  
  • Find and click on the link labeled Direct Deposit Pay Stub Copy

Now that you have the Payroll Portal loaded you need to get yourself logged in.

Your username to the portal is an email address - It will be the address that the payroll department has on file for you to use with the web portal

  • This MAY be your district email address
  • Or this MAY be a personal email address

If you are not certain which email address is on file you should select the forgot password link on the login page

  • You will then enter and address you think it may be and then check that email account for instructions
  • If you don't receive emailed instructions within a few minutes go page to the forgot password page and enter an alternate email address.

If you do not receive instructions via email and require additional assistance please open at ticket with the Technology Department.

  • Tickets are opened by visiting and clicking submit ticket at the top right an corner of the screen. A tech department member will contact you and provide assistance.

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