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GoGuradian: Off-Task Alerts
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Using GoGuardian Off-Task Alerts


For those of you who utilize GoGuardian Teacher for classroom management, you will be excited to utilize the Off-task Alert function that is now available to apply on a class by class basis.


What is "Off-Task Alerts"?

Off-Task Alerts is a feature of GoGuardian Teacher which uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect when a student goes off-task and visually alerts the teacher. Because Off-Task Alerts are generated based on the classroom subject, even when students are on seemingly productive websites like Google Docs but working on content for a different class, Off-Task Alerts can identify that the student is off-task.

NOTE: Currently, Off-Task alerts will work with EnglishHistoryMath, and Science classrooms. Support for additional subjects is in the works!


How does it work?

Off-Task Alerts uses artificial intelligence to scan the content of a student’s current webpage and determine whether the content of the page is relevant to the classroom subject selected. If the page content is not related to the selected classroom subject, the webpage will be considered off-task and highlight the student visually with a yellow border around that student’s tile.


Enabling and disabling Off-Task Alerts

Enable Off-Task Alerts within an active GoGuardian Teacher classroom session by clicking the toggle to the "ON" position. After clicking the toggle, select the appropriate class subject and adjust the sensitivity level slider under the class subject. 

To disable Off-Task Alerts after configuring the subject and sensitivity, use the toggle to turn the feature OFF as needed.

Sensitivity levels

Sensitivity levels determine how long a student can be considered "off-task" before being highlighted in a GoGuardian Teacher session.

Lenient - off-task for more than 60 seconds

Moderate - off-task for more than 30 seconds.

Strict - off-task for more than 15 seconds.



More than one subject?

Many classrooms cover more than one subject. When a subject changes during a classroom session, click the three vertical dots to the right of the Off-Task Alerts toggle to open the menu and choose the appropriate subject.

Student(s) shown as off-task, but they're on-task

Teachers may disagree with a student being marked as off-task. We're always working on improving the Off-Task Alerts logic by collecting real-time feedback from teachers around the world.


Prevent alerts for specific websites

  1. Click the student's screen
  2. Click the select drop-down in the bottom left of the screen
    Select “Never”



Reviewing students' off-task behavior for a session

If Off-Task Alerts are turned on during one a classroom session, historical records of when online students were off-task can be reviewed at any time for up to one calendar year. 

  1. From the dashboard, click the desired classroom tile.
  2. Click the date/time of the session to review off-task behavior for the specified date/time.
  3. Scroll through the timeline view to review off-task behavior. Off task behavior will be highlighted in GOLD. The points at which Off-Task-Alerts have been enabled or disabled will appear as gold vertical lines through all of the student timelines.



Going one step further Technology, along with input from Larry Zuares, have built Quick Lists within GoGuardian.  These Quick Lists allow you to lock all devices in your classroom to a preset grouping of websites pertaining to particular functions such as Edmentum,, McGraw-Hill, etc..... 


Quick Lists used alone or in conjunction with the Off-Task Alerts feature should bring a great deal of visibility and management to your classroom.  

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