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ASUS Chromebook FAQ
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ASUS Chromebook FAQ

  1. Do I have to take a Chromebook?
    • While it is not required that the students take the Chromebook it is in their best interest since most (if not all) teachers will be utilizing these devices for classroom work as well as homework.  
    • Students are welcome to use their own personal devices if they wish and they can be connected to the school’s guest wireless network.
      NOTE: Students should be made aware that if they choose to use their own devices that the Computer Services Department cannot fix hardware or software issues for them since these devices are not owned by the Pemberton Township School District.
  2. What is ChromeOS?
    • ChromeOS is an operating system designed by Google to be completely “cloud-based”. What this means is that while there is a physical computer in the hands of the individual user all data is stored in the Google Drive system which is accessible by any computer device connected to the internet.
    • A Chromebook has a minimal amount of storage space that can store data should the device be disconnected from the internet. Once the device is reconnected to the internet any "NEW" data will be synchronized with the data on the users Google Drive.
    • Being a “cloud-based” device is extremely useful because it means that if a specific device experiences any type of failure an individual user can still have access to all of their previous data without losing anything simply by logging into a different Chromebook.
  3. What special features are available with the ASUS Chromebooks assigned to students and staff?
    • Each Chromebook is what is known as a “2-in-1 device” which means it can function as either a laptop with a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad or it can be used as a tablet by “folding” the keyboard back behind the screen.
    • In the tablet position, the device can be used by interacting with the touch screen with either a finger or with a stylus (styluses are not provided to staff or students).
    • Each Chromebook can be remotely monitored/tracked by the administration but ONLY in the event, there is sufficient evidence that:
      • A device has been lost/stolen
      • A student is in danger of inflicting self-harm or harm to others
      • A device is being used in a way that violates the Student Acceptable Use Policies.
    • Each Chromebook has a camera integrated into the display (directly in the top center).
      • This camera can be used to facilitate 2-way video conferencing (like Skype or Google Duo)
      • There are 3 models of Chromebook available (2 used by students and one by staff/teachers):
        • C302C - This camera is ONLY on the display side so photos/videos could be taken but it will take some practice.
        • C214M - This model has a camera located on top of the display and an additional one is located on the bottom right side of the keyboard. The camera that is located on the bottom right side of the keyboard is ONLY accessible when the device is in "tablet mode"
        • C434T (teachers ONLY) - This camera is ONLY on the display side so photos/videos could be taken but it will take some practice.
          NOTE: This camera cannot (and will not) be accessed remotely by anyone.
  4. How do I sign in to my assigned Chromebook?
    • To sign in to a Chromebook students will use the same username and password they use to sign in to Google Classroom
      • Username: <student ID#>
      • Password: regular student password used to login to Google Classroom
    • To sign in to a Chromebook staff will use the same username and password they use to sign in to their classroom computer, email, Genesis, and Google
      • Username:<staff username>
      • Password: regular password used to login to classroom computer, email, Genesis, and Google
  5. Can I use my assigned Chromebook outside of school?
    • Yes, as long as there is an available WiFi network students can connect to the internet and access any files that are stored on their Google Drive.
      • students at the High School, Helen Fort, and Newcomb Schools are assigned a device and are encouraged to use their device while at home to complete homework assignments.
      • students at our District Elementary schools will utilize Chromebooks while at school ONLY.  Elementary students will only be permitted to take a Chromebook home if extraordinary circumstances arise.
    • NOTE: If students do not have internet access at home their parents can contact Comcast to apply for low-cost internet access for just $9.95 per month if they qualify.  Visit or call Comcast at 1-855-846-8376
  6. What should I do if my assigned Chromebook is "frozen"?
    • This is an issue with Chromebooks that does not happen very often. If it does occur do the following to "un-freeze" it:
      • Press and hold the power button (right-hand side on C214M, left-hand side on C302C, and C434T) of the Chromebook until the device shuts off. 
        NOTE: The power button needs to be held in until the device powers off. This usually takes between 10-30 seconds.
      • Once the device is powered off close the lid and count to 10
      • Open the lid to the device and it will power back up
  7. I do not want to take my assigned Chromebook home, can I keep it in a teacher’s classroom at school?
    • This practice should be discouraged by ALL teachers as this puts the responsibility on the teacher for the device’s safety.
    • Our 1:1 device program is not only a technology program but also a chance to teach a lesson in responsibility.
      • Students who leave their devices in the care of someone else are not taking responsibility for their assigned device and missing out on an important lesson.
      • Additionally having the device stored in a teacher’s classroom means that the student does not have access to this useful tool for their homework assignments.
    • In the past students who have done this have “forgotten” where they left the device and they ended up having to pay for its replacement.
    • Please encourage students to take responsibility for their assigned device and not leave it in someone else’s care.
  8. Can I install my own software?
    • Chromebooks are very similar to cell phones and there are numerous apps available to assist them with their coursework.  On each Chromebook, the basics are installed for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.
    • There are two options for obtaining apps for the Chromebook.
      • One is the Chrome Web Store where there is a section titled “Pemberton Township Schools”, where there is a list of approved ChromeOS apps available for students to download and install.
      • Chromebooks can also run Android Apps so the other option is the Google Play Store which also contains district-approved Android applications which students can install on their own as well.
    • If a student wants an app that is not available in the Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store they need to ask their teacher to request that app be approved.
      • The request will go to Computer Services where the app will be reviewed.
      • If the app is deemed appropriate for student academic use it will be made available in the Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store.
  9. How often should I charge my assigned Chromebook?
    • Students, Staff, and Teachers should charge their devices every night just as they would their cell phones.
    • The ASUS Chromebooks have a very resilient battery and can go for extended periods of time before being completely discharged.
    • If the device is charged to 100% it can last a day to a day and a half without needing to be recharged but should still be charged nightly
  10. Can a USB Flash Drive be connected to the Chromebook?
    • The use of USB Flash Drives is possible but not entirely necessary. Anything done in Google saves automatically to the student's Google Drive and can be shared digitally without the use of a Flash Drive.
    • If a student needs to connect a USB Flash Drive a special adapter may be needed in order for this to occur.
      • The C302C model of Chromebooks does not have the standard USB-A connection so an adapter would be needed. 
      • The C214M and C434T models do have the standard USB-A connection so an adapter would not be necessary
      • All of our Chromebooks have 2 USB ports, which are USB-C. USB-C refers to the type of connection, which is the new standard for most computing devices. The USB-C ports on the Chromebooks are used for charging the device but can also be used to access other USB-type devices (i.e. Flash Drives, Printers, etc.).
      • The tech department does not have these types of adapters available so if a student, staff or teacher requires one they would need to purchase one on their own
  11. Can I print from my assigned Chromebook?
    • Yes, printing is possible. If a student wishes to print to a printer at home they may need a special adapter to connect a USB-C to a standard USB-A cable. Again, Tech Services do not have these adapters available so if one is required the student, staff, or teacher would have to acquire it themselves.
    • The use of Chromebooks makes it possible to go "paperless" where printouts are not required.
      • If a student needs to print at school the suggestion is to log in to a computer in the Library or Computer Lab and print from there. Since there are numerous printers throughout the district there would be no way Tech Services could configure all of them for student Chromebooks.
      • If teachers or other staff members need to print the only option they have is to utilize the FollowMePrint from the Chromebook and retrieve their printouts from the closest copier using the staff ID badge.
  12. My Chromebook battery does not seem to last very long, is there something wrong with it, and what can be done?
    • A common mistake that many people make is that when they are done using their Chromebook they "shut the lid" and put it away.  Unfortunately, this ONLY puts your Chromebook into "sleep-mode" and the device is still technically powered on and the battery charge continues to deplete.
    • A good practice to follow is:
      • When going between class-blocks it is okay to just "close the lid" as you will only be putting it into "sleep-mode" for a brief time
      • If you know you will not be using it for an extended period of time choose "Shutdown" rather than just closing the lid.  "Shutdown" can be found by clicking on the area with the clock in the bottom right corner of your Chromebook's screen.  The "Shutdown" button can be found directly next to the "Sign out" button.
      • If you use your Chromebook at home in the evening, or before school in the morning, be sure to choose "Shutdown" rather than "closing the lid" again to avoid the device going into "sleep-mode" and allowing the battery charge to continue to drain.  Additionally, this will also avoid any "confusion" the Chromebook may encounter going between your home WiFi and the School WiFi.
  13. What should I do if I have an issue with my assigned Chromebook?
    • At the High School, The Computer Services Office (RM242) always has someone available to offer assistance throughout the school day.
    • At one of the other district schools, students, staff or teachers should go to their respective technology coordinator's office.
    • Students should obtain a pass to go to the appropriate office from their teacher, between class blocks or during their lunch.
    • If the appropriate tech is unavailable it is most likely because they are attending to another important technology issue, there is a meeting they are required to attend or they are on lunch.
      • If this occurs at the High School students should speak to the Computer Services Help Desk (Ms. Hensley) she will attempt to assit in troubleshooting the issue.  If she cannot help she will make notes and inform the high school techs upon their return to the office.
      • If this occurs at one of the other district schools students can go to the main office of their school and leave a message with the secretary for the tech person.
      • In any of the schools, students, staff, and teachers can also go to and open a Technology Ticket
  14. What happens if I lose my assigned Chromebook or it is stolen?
    • If a student loses their assigned device they need to do the following:
      • At the High School:
        • The student should immediately inform Computer Services in RM242 so that they can start the GPS tracking process.
        • The student will immediately be issued a replacement device and their AP will be informed
        • The student MUST fill out a “Lost Property Report” with their AP Office.
        • After informing Computer Services the student should backtrack through all of their classes to see if they left their device behind.
      • At the Helen A. Fort or Marcus Newcomb Schools:
        • The student should immediately inform their technology coordinator so that they can start the GPS tracking process.
        • The student will immediately be issued a replacement device and their AP will be informed
        • The student MUST fill out a “Lost Property Report” with their AP or the appropriate administrator's Office.
        • After informing the technology coordinator the student should backtrack through all of their classes to see if they left their device behind.
    • The student should continue to search for their missing device even after being issued a replacement
    • If at any time the device is found the student should immediately return their loaner device to computer services and let their AP know so that the search can be called off.
    • If the device is unable to be recovered the loaner device will become the student's assigned device.
  15. What happens if I break my assigned Chromebook?
    • If the student damages their assigned device in any way that makes it unusable the following will occur:
      • The student will be asked to make a statement as to how the damage occurred.
      • They will be issued a replacement
      • The student's AP will be informed.
        NOTE: Our Chromebooks have a warranty but action has to be taken immediately to get repairs completed as the warranty is for a limited time. The student MUST report damage ASAP to Tech Services so repairs can be done immediately.
        NOTE2: The student may be liable for a prorated value of the damaged device, this decision will be left up to the student’s AP on a case by case basis.
  16. What happens if I lose or break the charger for my assigned Chromebook?
    • If the student loses or damages the charger for their assigned device, they will be issued a new one and their AP will be informed.
      NOTE: The student may be liable for the value of the lost/damaged charger, this decision will be left up to the student’s AP on a case by case basis.
  17. What should I do if I leave the district or transfer out?
    • If a student in grade 6-12 transfers out of the district or is "signed out" of school, it is their responsibility to turn in their assigned device just like they would for any assigned textbooks or school-owned items.
    • The following items are to be returned to the appropriate technology office for the school which they were attending upon leaving the district:
      • 1-ASUS Chromebook
      • 1-ASUS 45W USB-C Charger
      • 1-Belkin carrying sleeve
        Failure to return any of the above items may result in the student being required to pay for those items. Payment will be based on standard depreciation of the items not returned.
    • It is important that every effort is made by the student to turn in their assigned device before leaving on their final day in the district.
      • Should the student fail to turn in their assigned device the student's Guidance Counselor will attempt to make contact with their family at the last known contact phone number to make arrangements to have it returned to the school.
      • If the Counselor is unable to make contact with the student's family and make arrangements to have the device returned the device may be reported to the local authorities as stolen property.
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