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Proper Care & Handling of One-to-One Devices
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Proper Care & Handling of One-to-One Devices

At Newcomb, Helen Fort and PTHS each student has been given the privilege of having personal computing device issued to them (either an iPad or a Chromebook).  During their time at these schools students are required, on a daily basis, to utilize these devices for course work both at home and in the classroom.  While these devices are in the possession of students they are ultimately responsible for their proper care and safety. 

Below are a few guidelines for students to follow to ensure the devices are properly cared for.

  • When carrying their device either during the school day or to/from home students should ALWAYS use the carrying bag or case that was provided to them.
    • If the student chooses to carry their device in a different carrying bag or case, they should ensure that the bag has extra padding and is designed for carrying a computing device
    • Devices should NEVER be carried openly like a book under the arm.
      NOTE: Carrying the device in this manner, especially in the hallways during passing, is a sure fire way of having it "knocked" to the floor.
    • Regardless of what type of carrying bag the student uses they should still treat the device as the highly sensitive item that it is.
      i.e. NEVER throw or drop the bag carrying the device purposefully.  
  • When the device is not being used it should be properly powered off
    • Leaving the device on while not in use and inside a carrying case or bag can cause the internal hardware to overheat and eventually fail
  • Students should be mindful of where their assigned device is at ALL times.
    • Every student was issued a charger with their assigned device and were instructed to charge the device every night while at home.  Students who choose to bring their charger to school need to be mindful of when and where they use it.
    • Before leaving class or school students should make sure that they have their device in their possession along with the accompanying charger and carrying bag.
      NOTE: Each device has been clearly labeled with the assigned student’s name should it become lost.  Many times lost devices are usually found sitting in a classroom or lost and found because it was simply forgotten about.
    • Students who fail to return their assigned device, and have not previously reported it stolen, may be responsible for the full value of the device.
      NOTE: Financial obligations will be issued at the discretion of the student’s Assistant Principal. 
    • Any device that is turned in without the accompanying charger and/or carrying bag may be issued an obligation for the value of the items missing.
      NOTE: The issue of an obligation will be left to the discretion of the student’s Assistant Principal.
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