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Call Waiting

Call waiting is a function that can be turned on and off at the end-user level. If the end-user would like to have an audible tone to notify them when receiving a call while they are currently using the phone this function needs to be turned on. When logged into your MyOfficeSuite portal click on the tab at the top …

Activating WeConnect account

The portal the district uses to control our phone system has recently been updated to a new platform. The portal can now be accessed by going to . If you have not already migrated over via the link sent to you during the summer time, you will have to reset your password in order to gain entry to the …

How to Set Up Call Forwarding in MyOfficeSuite

This article explains how to set up **call forwarding** for your telephone extension. ## Requirements * A telephone extension assigned to you by PTSD * Access to the MyOfficeSuite Portal ## Sign Into MyOfficeSuite ![][1] 1. Access "MyOfficeSuite" from "Staff Links" in your Google Chrome browser, or visit [h…

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