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Editing/Uploading SGOs and PDPs to the Employee Portal Using OneDrive

Editing/Uploading SGOs and PDPs to the Employee Portal
Using OneDrive

With the introduction of the online version of Microsoft Office, there are many things that have to be done differently.  For many years you have all been used to using the "desktop version" of Microsoft Office and that with a simple double-click you can open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation.  For some, this is no longer the case.  In a nutshell, the procedure has slightly changed and a few extra steps are now needed.  In summary, these steps are:

  1. An SGO or PDP is emailed to you as an attachment
  2. You click on the attachment to "preview it"
  3. On the preview screen, there should be an option to "Save to OneDrive"
    NOTE: Clicking on "Download" will download the document to your computer but because you may not have the "desktop version" of Microsoft Office it is possible you will not be able to open and/or edit the file.
  4. Clicking on "Save to OneDrive" will save the file to a folder within your OneDrive called "Attachments"
  5. You will then have to navigate to your OneDrive on, locate the "Attachments" folder and within that folder will be the SGO or PDP file you can edit.
  6. Once completed upload the SGO or PDP from your OneDrive to the Evaluation Portal

Before you begin please refer to the following article, to set up the "Sync" of your OneDrive to a folder on your Desktop.
             Interacting with Microsoft Office - One Drive
This will come into play later when uploading files to the Evaluation Portal.
NOTE: If you have already had this Sync set up then you can skip this step and proceed to the next set of instructions.  An easy way to tell is if you open your Documents Folder and look to the left you will see a folder list like you see here:

If you have the "Sync" set up you will see "OneDrive - Pemberton Township" in the list.

Getting an Attachment from your Email

  1. Go to, log into your account and click on the Outlook icon to access your email
  2. Locate the email with your SGO or PDP template that was emailed to you
  3. If you hover over the attachment you will see two icons appear that look like the ones below

    the first is to "download" the attachment to your computer, the second gives you options like you see below

    Select "Preview"
  4. This will open a "Preview" of the document in a new window.  Across the top of the window, you should see the options shown here

    Clicking on "Save to OneDrive" will save the file to a folder on your OneDrive called "Attachments"
  5. The button will change from "Save to OneDrive" to "Saved", which means you can close the preview window
  6. We will now move from your email to the OneDrive to find the file.

Locating the "Attachments" folder in your OneDrive

  1. While in your email on the top left you will see an areal that looks like the one below:

    Clicking on the highlighted area with the dots will give you a menu like this

    Click on OneDrive and you will be taken to your OneDrive
  2. In the OneDrive window that appears locate the folder called "Attachments" as shown here:
  3. Within this folder will be the attachment files you saved (SGO or PDP template)
  4. From here clicking on the file will open it up in the appropriate application, in the case of PDP or SGO it should be Word and you can then add your content. 
  5. As you edit the document it will automatically save any changes you make so if you want to save a copy before you start click on the File menu to the top left, choose Save As... and then the option "Save As - Save a copy online"
  6. Choosing this option allows you to save a copy of the file to your OneDrive so the original remains the same. You can choose to save this in the same folder or a different one.
  7. Now, add your changes and once editing is completed you will be ready to upload to the Evaluation Portal

Uploading SGO or PDP to the Evaluation Portal

  1. Go to the Employee Evaluation Portal at and login
  2. Go to your Professional Development or SGO tab
  3. Locate the section where you upload an SGO or PDP
  4. In the area where it says "Choose a file" click on the button and a window will appear where you can search for the file(s) you want to upload.  On the left side locate your OneDrive (the folder you set up to Sync)
  5. Selecting this will bring up your OneDrive where you can locate your SGO or PDP file.  If you did not change where it was saved it will be in the folder called "Attachments"
  6. Within this folder should be the SGO or PDP file you edited which you can upload to the Evaluation Portal for submission.
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